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CBD Therapy Is the Latest Tool in the Battle Against Opiate Addiction

CBD Therapy Is the Latest Tool in the Battle Against Opiate Addiction | Fire Leaf Extracts

Opiate addiction is a silent killer in many of its victims, with friends and loved ones unaware that the individual is suffering at all until it is too late. As opiate pain relief prescription numbers have risen, so too have the number of individuals suffering from addiction to the powerful drugs. The increasingly harmful effect that opiates have had on society has led to an increased urgency in the hunt for better, safer options for both chronic and acute pain management.

One promising area of research is the field of CBD therapy. Studies into the effects of CBD as both a replacement for opiates and as a treatment for addiction have shown promising results. It is hoped that with increased understanding of its value CBD can be used to significantly decrease the harm being caused by opiates.

America's Opiate Crisis

The problem of opiate over-prescription and the subsequent rise in opiate addiction has been getting a great deal of coverage recently. From print media reporting to television deep dives on popular shows like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, the problem is finally becoming well known to the general public. Although awareness may be finally reaching the high levels the crisis deserves, that doesn't mean that we are close to solving the problem.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that 130 Americans die from opiate overdose every single day. Although this number includes those who pass as a result of illegal drug use like heroin, the number is influenced by individuals overdosing on drugs prescribed to them by their doctors.

Additionally, many heroin addicts begin their addiction with legal prescriptions, before having to turn to the illegal drug market once their prescription ends but their need for opiate relief does not. It is estimated that 4 to 6 percent of all patients prescribed opiates ultimately transition to heroin use, with 80-percent of heroin users getting their start on prescription drugs.

CBD As Pain Relief Replacement

The first phase in using CBD therapy to reduce the number of individuals suffering from opiate addictions is reducing the number of individuals being prescribed opiates in the first place. Although Dr. Julia Arnsten, M.C., the chief of general internal medicine at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, notes that there is no guarantee that CBD will work for all patients, its potential as a low-risk solution merits trying.

The majority of studies on CBD as a pain relief solution have not done so in an environment which isolates it from THC, however, doctors who have tried prescribing it have found often found success with patients. For patients in need of pain management but who are averse to medical marijuana, CBD oils and tinctures offer another possible solution.

The use of CBD for chronic or acute pain treatment is not an exact process, however by working together with a doctor, patients can fine-tune their treatment plan in order to find the best results. In the event that a patient proves unresponsive to the benefits of CBD therapy, additional treatment plans can be pursued with the peace of mind of having tried the low-risk option.

CBD For Opiate Addiction Treatment

Helping to keep patients off of opiates is not the only way it is being used in the fight against addiction. For patients who have already found themselves hooked on the addictive drugs, CBD therapy may provide a method of breaking the habit by reducing the desire to use opiates again.

WebMD reports on a study where participants received either an oral CBD solution or a placebo before being shown a series of visual cues. Some of the cues were neutral in nature, while others contained triggers for opiate drug use.

For addicts, exposure to the drug-related triggers can lead to an increase in anxiety and desire to use opiates. Researchers found that for individuals who were given the CBD solution, the severity of those increases was diminished, leading to hopes that a long-term treatment plan for opiate addicts may help to reduce the chances of relapsing and returning to the dangerous opiates.

Like medical marijuana, we are unfortunately still at a time where the benefits of therapeutic use are regrettably under-researched. The benefits doctors have seen in patients after recommending CBD therapy for pain relief and to help minimize addictive cravings are encouraging. As use becomes increasingly publicly-accepted the amount of money being invested in discovering further benefits and ideal applications will increase accordingly.

If you're ready to try CBD oil for yourself, Fire Leaf Extracts has a selection of the best CBD oils, lotions and gels to get you started on the path to a happier, healthier life. Find the product which best matches your needs and see how it helps with your pain.

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