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The Rise of CBD Therapy in Mixed Martial Arts

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The Rise of CBD Therapy in Mixed Martial Arts | Fire Leaf Extracts

Professional athletes demand a great deal from their bodies and this is amplified by those who participate in high-contact sports like football or wrestling. It shouldn't be surprising then to learn that one sport which has embraced the use of CBD therapy with open arms is mixed martial arts. While fans may only see a mixed martial artist step into the cage two or three times per year, every bout a fighter agrees to involves months of training to prepare for a match. Products like Fire Leaf Extracts CBD treatments allow for better training camps and matches by aiding in quicker recovery, improved sleep, and relief from aches and pains.

With many fighters enduring two or three training sessions per day, there are few athletes who ask more of their bodies than mixed martial artists. As a result there are few sports with more to benefit from the use of CBD to treat muscle and joint pains. Today, CBD is a widespread treatment at top mixed martial arts gyms. The Ultimate Fighting Championships has even entered into a partnership designed to present the hard data which backs up the numerous fighters who swear by the benefits CBD therapy has provided them. It’s clear that CBD is a big part of the future of the sport, but how did it get there?

Nate Diaz Vapes at UFC 202

Nate Diaz and his brother Nick are two of the most popular fighters in UFC history, and their tendency to go their own way and flaunt authority figures in the sport plays no small part in that popularity. Nate took that same attitude into his rematch with Conor McGregor at UFC 202, one of the biggest mixed martial arts bouts ever contested.

While Diaz lost the rematch by majority decision after five hard-fought rounds, he stole the show after the bout was over when he brought out a vape in the middle of his post-fight interview. Many fans worried he was begging for a long suspension in a sport which bans marijuana use, but Diaz was quick to point out he was merely vaping CBD oil, and had been using the oils for quite some time to help recover after grueling training sessions.

“This is CBD,” Diaz said when asked about the pen. “It helps with the healing process and inflammation. So, you want to get these for before and after the fights or training. It will make your life a better place.”

Fighters Learn and Usage Grows

A public endorsement from one of the sport's biggest names and top-ranked fighters on a major stage was sure to draw new eyes to the benefits of CBD for athletes. Soon the number of fighters making use of CBD therapy was trending up. As more mixed martial artists dipped their toes in the CBD waters and found themselves feeling better and training harder, it became increasingly normal to hear them discuss their use in interviews before and after bouts.

Widespread Acceptance Is Achieved

Today, CBD treatment is so popular among elite mixed martial artists that you're more likely to meet one who does use CBD daily than one who doesn't. CBD sponsorships are common for top fighters who use the treatment to help themselves feel better at the end of the day so that their next sessions can be just as strenuous.

At the highest level of professional sports, the difference between winning and losing often comes down to the finest of margins. For mixed martial artists, this can mean something as small as the ability to get in one or two extra training sessions during a three-month camp. Without CBD therapy the aches and pains from hard sessions may have prevented such extra training.

Muscle and joint pains are among the largest challenges athletes face during training. The Sports Daily notes that many athletes are turning to CBD as a replacement for opiate-based treatments. As a non-toxic, non-addictive treatment for both chronic and acute pain, it helps athletes and martial artists get back out for another round without having to turn to dangerous and addictive opiate drugs.

Mixed martial artists need to be operating at peak levels throughout training. When you put your body on the line in every bout, you can’t afford extra time off, and CBD allows for more time on the mats and less time on the sidelines. You don’t need to be an elite athlete to benefit from high-quality CBD products, however. Browse Fire Leaf Extracts’ selection of CBD oils and lotions to find the treatment you need to feel better every day.

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