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Topicals, Edibles, Tinctures and Vapes - Understanding the Different CBD Applications

CBD products are rising in popularity as more and more people discover how effective they are for pain relief, improving mood, reducing stress, and even cosmetically, to improve the look and texture of skin. If you haven’t tried CBD before, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the wide range of options available to you. Should you get a topical treatment or an ingestible option? How do you use it once you've chosen? Don't worry, using CBD is easy once you understand the basics. Read on to learn about the different types of CBD products available and the best ways to enjoy each, and then you can choose the option which appeals the most to you.


The first option for CBD therapy is a topical treatment in the form of a gel, massage oil, lotion or cream. Topicals contain CBD in various strengths, which is absorbed through the skin upon application and offers maximum control over application. They can be applied to almost every part of the body and a wonderful way to experience the benefits of CBD.

The strength of any topical can be determined by the number of milligrams (mg) of CBD, divided by the volume of the container. Be wary of products that do not show the total number of CBDs on their label. The smallest dosages of 50mg to 100mg are found in massage oils and more cosmetic applications like anti-ageing creams. If you are experiencing joint pain and stiffness you would want at least 300mg per 1oz container to see good results. The most potent contain 500mg per 1oz container and are great for people with rheumatoid arthritis and other more serious ailments.

Scent is another major factor to consider when shopping for a topical. The last thing a working professional might want is to go around smelling like “weed” or like a pharmacy. The best topicals contain effective amounts of CBD, but also smell great and are packaged in attractive containers, with clear labeling and branding.


As the name suggests, this category is made up of products that one eats or drinks. The most popular edibles in the marketplace are capsules, gummies, chocolates and beverages like coffee and water. Edibles are a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD for those looking for an inside out approach to their wellness. Dosing is very specific, ranging from a low of 5mg to upwards of 50mg per capsule, gummy or piece of chocolate. Beverages like CBD coffee and water are gaining in popularity but usually contain very small amounts of CBD and may be the worst value in terms of total cost.


CBD Tinctures or Drops are perhaps the most widely adopted ingestible form of CBD. Part of the reason for this is how quickly and effectively the CBD is delivered into the body. Tinctures are usually sold in 1oz bottles with an eye-dropper cap and strengths will vary from 100mg to 3000mg per bottle. The CBD is suspended in a base oil and using the dropper, one simply places a few drops under the tongue or sub-lingually. The mucosal linings of the mouth happens to be one of the most quick and effective means of taking any medicine and the same applies here for CBD.

Tinctures are versatile in usage. If you don't like the taste of the oil straight or you simply prefer not taking it directly, you can mix it in with your food essentially creating your own edible. The drops can be added to salad dressings, blended into a smoothie or added to your favorite cocktail. With just a few drops in the mix, you likely won't even notice the oil in your food or drink.

Vape Oils

Many CBD enthusiasts are into vaping simply because it is the quickest method of delivering the CBD into the body. CBD oils are mixed with a thinning agent like vegetable glycerin, or propylene glycol and flavorings. This vape oil is then added to a cartridge and attached to a pen shaped battery that heats the liquid into a vapor that can be inhaled. For many consumers vaping CBD may not be the right choice, there are social stigmas to consider, not to mention there are added risks inherent to smoking that comes into play.

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